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Old 10-02-17, 07:56 PM
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900d Case Fan Change

Hi All,

I am looking to change the Stock fans that come with a Corsair 900d case, including the Fans on the GTX 110i 240mm AIO cooler that I have.

Looking for recommendations on what to use, for airflow but also keeping the noise to a minimum should the case reach a high temperature.

I use NXZT's Cam software currently to monitor the temperature within the case and I currently get around Mid 20s to low 40s depending on the game being played.

I have been looking at the Corsair Airflow fans with LEDS but i am open to suggestions.

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Old 13-02-17, 03:05 PM
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those temps are fine but if your looking to change fans I'd suggest finding some with similar or better specs (i.e. airflow static pressure sound) that are ascetically pleasing to you.

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Old 14-02-17, 05:40 PM
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Do you mind having two different brands/types of fans in your system?

If you do the fan then I'd suggest for both radiator and overall system performance the Noiseblocker Pro. They're industrial looking so will fit the theme of the 900D which has a real industrial aesthetic. They have excellent noise efficiency. They do as a result suffer in radiator performance and your temperatures will increase with a fan like that, but they will be quieter.

If you simply want a high performing radiator fan that matches the rest of your system then the EK Vardar is definitely a good choice for the entire system. They're not too expensive, easily sourced, and are quiet. If you have the clout the new Corsair ML120's are supposed to be good, but I'd still favour the EK's. You may also be able to find Gentle Typhoons in some iteration. I don't remember who is making them and selling them right now, but they're a classic fan.

If you don't mind having two different types of fans I'd suggest the EK Vardar for the radiator and something like the BeQuiet Silent Wings 3 for the system fans. They're incredibly quiet whilst being really sexy. If they had better air pressure specifications then they'd be the best all-round fans after Noctua. They're definitely more suited to system fans, though, or heatsinks. Low-FPI radiators will work too, but not the radiators AIO's use as they require high speed, high pressure fans.
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