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Originally Posted by WYP View Post
Remember that this is the same manufacturer that says their Blower-style GTX 1080 Ti costs $829, when most GTX 1080 Ti cards cost $649-$719 in the US.

I wouldn't put any weight behind these prices. Nvidia will no doubt reveal their MSRP for basic cards on Monday.
Ti was as high as £800 at one point. Titan Xp cost £1200 or so, where is the middle ground?

I am only confident those will be the prices because they have "tensor" or "RT" cores back on them.

Which I strongly suggest was the same cluster of compute units they used to have on the Titan and Titan Black, doing the DP.

Anything over £400 to me is not worth it. It's just all becoming a really old, bad joke.

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ASUS GeForce RTX 2080 (Ti) STRIX, DUAL and TURBO series pictured


Again with the almost 3 slot heatsink = heavy = definite sagging = hell no for me.
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