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The Computer Chronicles - Portable Computers/The Internet

Since I'm sort of into older computers and computer history in general this is very interesting
to me.

Just listening to all the manufacturers that were still around back then makes me nostalgic.

Favourite quote: "I think we'd all like a 20 Megabyte hard disk."

But honestly I was actually quite surprised how well connected you could already be in 1987,
only having gotten an internet connection in 1995 I did not expect that. I know the internet is
a lot older than that, as is the world wide web, I just did not really expect such technology to
be available to the masses in 1987 on such a scale as it is represented here.

Some high points (for me ):
  • The huge fooking telephone @ 5:40 Min.
  • Super Twist: Allowed you to view your display at an angle .
  • Land surveying with laptops.
  • There was already power management, reducing CPU clock speeds for preserving battery.
  • 3.5" floppies seem to have not yet been very prevalent.
  • Mobile HDD's could already park their heads.
  • They take a look at the Dynamac. Related: The Delorean @ 20:28
  • They were already discussing whether or not the laptop would supplant the desktop,
    sounds vaguely familiar.
  • Apparently, the laser printer market was expected to be 1 billion USD in 1987.
  • The Merkur advertisement: Floppy ads (starts at 25:30)
  • Wendy's hair

Original Air Date: 1987-FEB-26

Another one, showing the state of the internet and world wide web in the early 90's, and also
giving a brief history of the internet (broadcast in 1993 afaik):
  • 4:20: The Enterprise with a map of the Washington area internet.
  • 5:00: Mosaic, the first popular web browser
  • That modem tone
  • 2 frames/second for packet video for online video conferencing
  • Gopher (@ 9:40 Min.)
  • Yay! Telnet @ 10:58, and online shopping
  • Newpapers @ 12:00
  • I love how the host tends to omit the "the" before internet ("how do I get onto Internet?"). Interestingly,
    he does not do this consistently.
  • Also, people's general enthusiasm on this new thing called internet is rather entertaining imho.
  • Dat mustache, shirt and jacket (16:51)
  • 17:07: Geek of the week: web radio, the early days.

Anyway, I was just befallen by a sudden bout of nostalgia upon encountering this channel and
thought I'd share this.

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