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Old 11-07-18, 08:18 AM
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Games With Amazing Sound ?

Looking for a game to play, Any genre, That the devs actually put effort into the sound, Alien Isolation was the last game I played that the devs put some real effort to make the sound epic and it showed.

Any recommendations are appreciated

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Old 11-07-18, 09:08 AM
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Although that needs headphones to enjoy the schizophrenia atmospheric effect.
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Old 11-07-18, 12:48 PM
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Dead space series.
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Old 11-07-18, 01:35 PM
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Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice was the last game that made me think "WOW, this sounds great".
Deffo a game to play with headphones on.
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Old 11-07-18, 01:38 PM
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Mass Effect 2 has great sound, always worth a replay as well.
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Old 11-07-18, 02:22 PM
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Battlefield games always have amazing sound.

Horizon: Zero Dawn if you have a PS4.
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Old 11-07-18, 02:29 PM
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The best has got to be runescape
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Old 12-07-18, 01:51 AM
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I loved the Witcher 3 audio. I am heavily biased as I love 99.999999999% of everything Witcher related but when I read the books as I could just picture the world with the music in the background. I think that is a good enough reason to mention.. lol
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