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Old 24-09-13, 11:41 AM
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Rampage Extreme III updated drivers,BIOS, firmware updats needed. Cant find updates

Hi Guys,

This is my first post here.

In the past I went to station-drivers site for my Rampage Extreme III motherboard driver updates but it would seemed they have removed this page since my last visit and I am now unable to find updates for drivers, BIOS and firmware. I have searched all over but no joy :-(

If you can provide the links to all the latest driver updates, chipset software, firmware and BIOS I will need, I'll be extremely grateful. I am going to be running Windows 8 X64.

Thanks in advance

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Old 24-09-13, 11:51 AM
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Did you check on Asus website ?

I just did but the highest suported OS on the R3E listed is Win7.

EDIT: Just read in another forum that the drivers for your board are included in Win8 right out of the box.

EDIT2: "Hi ------! Good news for you. Windows 8 has our Rampage 3 Extreme drivers out of the box. You won't be needing to go to the site to download anything. You get your chipset driver, LAN, bluetooth, USB 3.0 (native support!!) etc... Realtek always updates their drivers, so they're really the only one you need to download. The Bluetooth driver on the ASUS site still works, or you can use Win8's built in driver (I did that because it's more compatible with my phone.)

Well, I did email ASUS a while back, they said they would update the driver page... apparently this wasn't so as I emailed them again and they said "No, sorry." It's ok because Win8 does install them for us and they work very very well, if not, better than what we were using before.

Sad to say, utilities are definitely not supported. No TurboV evo, monitoring etc... You'll get an ACPI error stating the model is not supported. BIOS always was a better solution anyway.. Real Temp is a good alternative for monitoring. I wish ya luck pal. R3E is still as solid as ever and Win8 handles real well on it, if you can put up with the UI changes :P I sure did. "
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Old 24-09-13, 11:55 AM
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Yeah I checked there but these drivers there are even older than the one that I downloaded the last time I could find the page on station drivers site
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