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Old 16-06-19, 05:57 PM
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Originally Posted by NeverBackDown View Post
Could try updating drivers or using a slightly older one and maybe updating the GPU bios.

Other than that I would say return and replace.

I'll try some older drivers when I get the time, I am beginning to think it is a driver issue TBH, benchmarks its totally ok, zero issues, just gaming... it's a strange one...

I just don't get how I can run so many tests and it runs totally fine tho, 10min gaming...... higher temps and downclocking..... I've tested far cry 5, far cry new dawn, sleeping dogs, ride 3

I'm ruling out bad air flow, or added cpu heat, my system doesn't get hot, it never has, Hell I even crossfired 2 7850's and the temps wasn't too bad, and that rules out a bad psu too.....

I'll check to see if there's a new bios too

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Old 16-06-19, 06:24 PM
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Well it turns out there are 2 versions of the pulse card, one has dual bios, the other doesn't.... I have the v1 version, no dual bios
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Old 25-06-19, 08:21 PM
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It turns out after a reinstall of windows, new drivers, updates etc..... the card is working fine now, no afterburner or any other crap installed, undervolted states 4-7 1060mv from 1150mv, power limit +30, hovers around 68c and not throlling after hours of gamiing, couldn't be happier now..... if only they made these things just work 100% out of the box......
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Old 25-06-19, 09:00 PM
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I've had issues with Afterburner on two PCs now and have had to remove it on both.

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