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Originally Posted by AlienALX View Post
Whilst I am quite excited about Navi I just don't get it. Basically it is a multi core GPU. Sounds great right? well yeah, on paper. The problem is Microsoft and Sony have just released their next gen consoles, which means there won't be any more for at least a couple of years maybe more. That means that for this gen the consoles are still on a single GPU so nobody will bother coding for Navi.

I would be a little less confused if Navi was coming out in about three years, but once again AMD seem to be doing something for the future which probably won't work now, when we need it.
No one will need to code for it. Just send it off to the GPU and let the GPU decide where it should go. It will do it better anyway.
Also consoles are designed years ahead. They would either work with AMD in that timeframe or just get minor adjustments to existing designs. No new consoles should be coming out for 2 years. So it's more than enough time.

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Originally Posted by Peace Š View Post
Lol, had to use Google Translate to understand the definition of "Sabbatical". Thought it had to do with Sabbath, but Sabbatical only means "research vacation" or in this case "family vacation". Is that correct?
It is correct, though the word has its origins there.
So hes taking a sabbatical, starting on a Monday. He couldn't get that right...
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