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Old 12-06-19, 12:25 PM
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Originally Posted by tgrech View Post
Yeah, though I think the reasons are more because of periphery technical limitations (No cable can really do 4k above 60Hz properly and no GPU can really push games that far without compromises on either part), combined with Windows' terrible scaling on smaller displays, than any limitations induced by the panel technology, price, or market desire, now that to many people 4K is no longer exotic, and generally 4K devices come at the same price as 1080p devices 5 years ago.
Well it was also proven around 5 years ago, that there were 1440p monitors on the market which actually had 4k panels fitted. This was due to reducing production costs. For those who did have 4k without knowing, you could do a little hack and enjoy the full resolution feeling without the additional premium that 4k once had.

I still think 4k Monitors are far too expensive still. Look at any other media and as you say its same as a 1080p. Nearly every other market has adopted 4k with arms wide open.

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Old 12-06-19, 12:33 PM
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Yeah, it's not that bad now, you can get 24" FreeSync 4K HDR monitors close to £100 (Cheaper than 1440p, because the panels are so much more common), it's just there's still major costs & headaches to using it for a PC elsewhere in the chain, and to get 4K + more premium gaming features than FreeSync (High Hz and so on) suddenly puts you in a different price league. I think 120Hz will becoming much more widespread with DSC signalling and next gen consoles though.
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