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The obvious one for me would be Guild Wars 2, i went to be a commander for 1 specific event, did that daily for 3 years, during that i formed a guild with the daily people there, it gathered me some friends, even went to Scotland twice to meet some of them and had one of the best years in gaming in 2016 for me. Sadly the guild is dead now since most stopped playing and some drama happened but i will always think back of those fun filled days with pleasure. I still play this game, less intense but its hard to let go with so much personal investment.

Mass Effect 2, it is straight up just the best narrative and story driven game i have ever played, the first one is a good setup, but the second just had everything right, recently been replaying the whole trilogy again, they are still so good.

Broforce, like, when i feel a bit down or just want silly stuff while having a drink, yeah this game cracks me up plenty from time to time.

Planet Coaster, Space Engineers and Cities skylines are great time sinks and i love playing them to just let my creativity go in different ways in each game, it has produced some excellent creations or maps that i keep many backups of :P

Borderlands 2 is just the silliest FPS game out there, when i feel like popping heads and have witty crude humor with it, borderlands comes to mind and its really fun to have so much chaos.

Finally, even though i hardly play Elite anymore, i still think it can capture moments that no other game can, especially during my long voyages towards the galaxy core, i have seen some systems, stars and planets that made me go, this is awesome and put a few of those screenshots on a poster, good stuff.

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Originally Posted by WYP View Post
If any of you have the time. I would love to see some explanations as to why these games tick out to you.

Perhaps we can turn this into an "OC3D Games of the Decade" article if we get enough to talk about.
Would you prefer we post again or just edit and keep expanding our first post for explanations, additions, etc?
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Fallout New Vegas
Max Payne 3
The Last Of Us
Dead Island Definitive
Dirt 2
Bioshock Infinite
Tomb Raider (first of the new ones)
Metro Last Light
Fallout 4
Borderlands 2

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In no particular order:
Metro 2033 - It brought narrative and story back to the forefront of first person shooters while games like CoD were throwing it aside in favour of shooty fun times. Beyond that its atmosphere and world are only rivalled by S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and makes you think twice about whipping your gun out.

Papers, Please - If you want a unique experience, this is purely that. I can't say much without spoiling it but as mundane the premise is, the story absolutely nails the feel of being in a communist dictatorship.

Persona 5 - The best JRPG to come out in years, period.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild - I know this game was showered with 10/10's but it absolutely deserves it. It's perfectly balanced, plays very well, has a great world full of secrets to find, looks great, and has a great soundtrack. It's one of the few times everything blends so well together, it transcends being just 'a game' and is one of the finest games I've ever played.

Honourable mentions:
Super Mario Odyssey - I wanted to put it in the list, but if -like me- you don't care much playing a game beyond the "The End" screen, Odyssey doesn't deliver. I completed it within a few days of getting it and never touched it since. However, it's as good as a 3D Mario game can possibly be.
Kerbal Space Program - Very unique but also has the learning curve similar to a tangent. There's nothing more cathartic than safe splashdown back on Kerbin from a mission to a faraway planet, and watching a rocket explode is as funny as it is infuriating.

Cities Skylines - It's what SimCity 5 should have been. It is best experienced with mods such as Metro Overhaul, but zooming in a huge city will make the framerate chug, even on top end machines.

Civilization V - Truly the best turn based strategy game made this decade, but is getting put here because its only best when you have both expansion packs. The base game feels anaemic if you go back to it afterwards.

Life is Strange - Lives and dies on its characters. First 3 episodes were as great as an episodic game could be, episode 4 was a little bit meh but episode 5 is where it all unravelled.
The Stanley Parable - I can't explain it, just play it. Trust me.

My personal picks:
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - Yeah it's full of fan service but it has a great explorable world, an absolutely stellar soundtrack, brilliant characters, and is as immersive as a game can be. Story is a little clichéd in places and screen resolution is low undocked but I love it for all it's faults.

Sonic Mania - The best Sonic since the MegaDrive, but is too reliant on revisiting the past too much; I mean, come on! Green Hill again? That being said, the new 'Act 2's are great and so are the new levels such as Press Garden. Soundtrack is great too.
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Originally Posted by NeverBackDown View Post
Would you prefer we post again or just edit and keep expanding our first post for explanations, additions, etc?
Either way works.
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Originally Posted by WYP View Post
If any of you have the time. I would love to see some explanations as to why these games tick out to you.

Perhaps we can turn this into an "OC3D Games of the Decade" article if we get enough to talk about.
For me, if I had to pick one game it'd be Horizon Zero Dawn.

When starting the game not only did it look stunning, the world that was crafted was amazing and I loved the atmosphere.

Being in a pre-historic world with random machines threw me, however I was very intrigued! As I don't want to post any spoilers It's difficult but the way the story unfolded and you found out where those machine came from was amazing.

The Combat feels solid and fun with different approaches being possible, with each macing requiring a different tactic to take them down.

I absolutely feel in love with Aloy too.
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GTA V 4 Months, 22 Days & 18 Hours...

It's just the go too when all other games dry up, it simply has everything. Although we are long over due GTA VI.
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Zelda Breath of the Wild is a clear top for me, then roughly in order:
Fallout: New Vegas (4 was alright too)
Battlefield 3 & 1, slightly prefer the former I think but close
ArmA2: DayZ mod
Forza Horizon 2/3/4
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Arma 2 and 3
Warhammer 1 and 2
Sniper elite 4
Shadow of War
Black Flag
Witcher 3
World of warships
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Oh I'd also add Halo Reach to my list (probably twice it seems)
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