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Old 14-06-07, 03:01 PM
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Tuxedo cards

I`ve seen this advert on UK tv for these Tuxedo cards, kinda like a pay-as-u-go thingy u can dump cash on and use as a master-card.

Any1 got one ?

I`m looking at it as an example of a means I can use to transfer cash to the states whilst in the meantime getting past the stoopid £21 per transfer fee the banks want to charge me.

Inherently I`d like to get one of these cards, send it to a friend, and dump cash on it I`d like them to stick in a bank for me. I here u`r alarm bells going on, but the deal is kewl, I`ve sent cash for them to deposit in the past and it`s put into my bank in the states with no problem.

But I want to make transfers of small sums on a regular basis, like £30 ... I stick £30 on the Tuxedo and in a few days she sticks it in the bank for me and I can check online that it`s there. £30 = $60 (more or less). (so even if u were to think possible scam, u wouldn`t put another £30 on u`r Tuxedo unless the $60 appears in u`r bank - iykwim)

I take it these Tuxedos have no chance of going overdrawn, and I`m almost positive it says there is no fee for taking cash out anywhere in the world.

Sounds sweet to me


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