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Old 23-10-20, 01:02 PM
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Google distances itself from claims that streamers should pay publishers to stream

A Stadia developer has landed Google in hot water.

Read more about Google distancing itself from Stadia developer Alex Hutchinson's comments.

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Old 23-10-20, 01:30 PM
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I can only imagine the conversation he had with his boss.

I can only imagine the conversation he has in his next job interview.

We all know popular streamers are often given games for free in the hopes that they'll play the game and live stream it, and then the game sales increase. One free licence can generate tens of thousands of £'s in sales.

I can only imagine the conversation the game streamer has when he buys a game he/she doesn't like, and for the full RRP of £69.

5 nights at Freddy's. I would never have bought it if not for streamers.
Astroneer (hundreds and hundreds of hours later) if not for a streamer.
Train Valley 1+2
Moonbase Alpha
Lunar Flight
Life is strange
The list goes on.

Let the AAA game industry kill itself, indies is where the most fun is had anyway.
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Old 23-10-20, 03:55 PM
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People like Hutchinson are completely out of touch with reality, He even said on his Twitter today that he's streaming Fall Guys, He got called out for this and basically got shouted at "You should pay the devs an extra licensing fee on top of the price of buying the game" by hundreds of people, He never replied though, Why ? Because people like him are A-OK telling people they should pay more but when it comes to themselves they are like "Oh I didn't mean me I meant everyone else."
If you think about it, VR is free unreal estate.....

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