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Originally Posted by AlienALX View Post
Had a result today.

So a while back I bought a Xiaomi Black Shark. It's a brutal fast phone. I got it for around 50% retail price at that time which was sweet. It's very fast. Any way the only small bummer was it was on Oreo, whilst the cutting edge phones (which this is in all honesty) were just getting pie. As usual I didn't check this before purchasing, and searching didn't fill me with hope. I thought once again I'd bought a phone destined to be stuck on the os it came with.

I woke up this morning and the phone says it has a JoyUI update. This is what they call the os for the Black Shark. It was 1.3gb update which sounded kinda fat.

Turns out it was Pie. I was sooooooo damn happy. No fuss, no rooting, nothing. So now I got a mega powerhouse phone running the latest os.

Android 9 Pie isn't the newest. Android 10 just released but honestly 9 isn't much different than 10 so you're pretty set
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