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Originally Posted by tgrech View Post
To be fair I think you could say 4K is "more mainstream" than 1440p nowadays. Not in the PC space specifically, but 4K is now standard-tier for multimedia, most TV receivers/set top boxes made and given out for free for the last few years now have been 4K ready, while you've been able to buy 4K smart TV's in the £300 price range for years too. Now we have gaming consoles in that price range that can do 4K and while not always "true" 4K gives a huge perceivable jump over 1080p.

Whether you buy 4K for your PC atm basically depends on whether or not you play more games than watch films, but I think the fact that 4K is almost more common in console gaming than PC gaming now says a lot about the need for and value of faux-4K techniques in the PC space.
Well I still think 4k for PC is an exception to the mainstream debate. Since we are then talking about viewing angles, Gsync/freesync, g2g time, input lag, UMBL etc etc

I don't think 4k is mainstream for PC ... yet. We do see IPS being adopted more readily now without the hefty cost it once had.
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