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Originally Posted by AngryGoldfish View Post
There will likely be the £400 and £500 version. I imagine the £400 card will be above the 1070 in performance, the £500 version will be above the 1080, and the £600 will be just before the 1080Ti in the majority of benchmarks and as you said match it or beat it in specific DX12/Vulkan games that favour AMD.
I will want at least the 1080 version. Should be timed quite nice too. I pay off the second instalment of my laptop next week so I will be clear from there

Having said all of that tbh? I don't really need a new GPU. Games are pretty stagnant, and I tend to be playing the more simple stuff lately. Need For Speed flies along beautifully so yeah, I need to be careful like I was with Ryzen and not rush into anything. It's likely I will find I don't really need one at all. All I need to do is drop the resolution to 1080p in game and bingo bongo, I've got me an ultra settings card (X2).

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