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Originally Posted by Dicehunter View Post
The X52 quality issue was when it was still under the Saitek brand, All of it is Logitech now and quality control is much better.
It's still there. And all components are of the same quality from the same manufacturers. You can view the tear down videos on YT. The thing is, the quality control was blown out of proportion with Saitek. It was like, "ill get on the band wagon and cry Wolf too". Aside from you Dice, suggesting for me to purchase one. I was also enticed by my colleague who has a die hard Flight enthusiast. He has the them all including the CM stick and throttle. His view is that "of all the crap. on the market, they are all badly built, but the X56 is the best, badly built one out there, followed by x-52". The Gimble on the warthog is atrocious considering expensive it is. I think some make their own now.

Yes, many had issues with Saitek models and still do. But there are hundreds of thousands more that have no problems even from Saitek brand. Basically comes down to how you treat them.

If you have a titan grip, then of course the little pinky trigger on the throttle is going to break. They also proved there are no design flaws in the throttle on the x52 or x56, cables are tucked away and dont inhibit the movement.

So while I'm glad I bit the bullet and bought one now, don't be concerned about it breaking down from you, even though it's "saitek".
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