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The PSU Mount

The PSU Mount

Ok, time for a small update, namely the PSU mount.

External Shot - No Front Panel

As you can see, there's still some refinement required, but this gives you a pretty good idea
about how everything fits together. Since the front panel will hide this anyway, it does not
need to be absolutely perfect.

External Shot - Front Panel Mounted

The 90 degree plug fits just behind the front door, so it does close.

Internal Shot

Do not worry about the cables at this point. I started to sleeve them to get some practice,
and I was not yet aware at that point that I would be completely changing the PSU location.
Naturally, all the cables are way too long now, so I will have to shorten them to get
everything to look neat and tidy. They will still be sleeved with blue paracord though. As
soon as I get my sleeving supplies from Lutro0 I will start with that (same goes for

That's it for now, thanks for stopping by.
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