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Getting a bit fed up with Ray Tracing and DLSS as they offer very little compared to the extra cost involved with the cards.

Ray Tracing does not offer a game changing experience and is often hardly noticed.

DLSS offers higher fps but the same can be achieved more or less by turning other settings down.

In light of the above would I still have bought my RTX cards, of course I would as they are about 30% faster than Pascal.

Having said that in life there are priorities far more important than gaming and those are what most people would rather spend their money on.

Turing architecture -
Fast cards.
Gimmicky features like RTX and DLSS.
Very overpriced and terrible value.

NVidia please don't release another crap architecture like Turing again.

Even if NVidia had released a cut down Volta architecture for gaming it would have been both faster and cheaper than Turing, what a joke.
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