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Originally Posted by NeverBackDown View Post
Cost is up to you and if you have the money and want to spend it.

But a performance to price ratio is hard to answer. We all hear differently. I've never heard of a headphone sounding 3x better than xxx headphone. So probably the answer would be no in that sense.

Your e10k can drive the DT990 Pros. I've done it as have other people on this forum. It's a great cheap combo unit. I would say it can drive the 1990, however I don't believe it will push it to it's limit. The DT990 is probably going to max it out. Should be fine either way but you'll need to have it in High Gain for both.

Edit:When I say max out, I mean volume wise. I bet you will still be able to drive it at a tolerable level so shouldn't be an issue. Beyer's are very sensitive. If it was the Senns you'd probably need a more powerful amp.
Oh, I understand.
In terms of quality then, is the E10K's DAC good enough in general for headphones like the 1990?
Was really tempted to upgrade the E10K for a while also, so thanks for all the help, but here's my last question:
Should I get the 1990 now and upgrade the DAC/AMP later, or get the 990 and buy a ~200-300USD amp&DAC like the Schiit stuff or something (frankly I didn't research amps and DACs much since getting the E10K at first as a starter) and then later upgrade to a higher end pair of headphones when I have the cash?

Before you answer, my preference is to get the 1990 now and upgrade the DAC/AMP combo later. I think the E10K's DAC is a good enough quality for someone like myself at the moment and since I don't have stacks upon stacks to spend on audiophile gear as I have a PC upgrade in mind, it should be enough (or so I hope).

Thanks a lot!
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