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Hey all and here is update number three of this build log!

The build is now in full swing and the updates are going to be coming hot and heavy! I am stoked on all the stuff I have done so far and looking forward to getting this build completed! I have now got all the parts I need to the build except for some of the smaller bits like the spray paints I am going to need...

Well here is the first look at the 5930k! I have had it booted already and a quick prime95 run just to make sure it wasn't a dead chip!

I dropped the CPU into the motherboard to make sure it was in a safe spot! The retention arms on the CPU socket were kinda scary! It felt like I was putting a lot of pressure down on it! However everything was fine and it was just me being overly scared about killing a £400+ processor!

The only thing that is killing my OCD is that the CPU is actually upside down in the CPU socket. I spent like 20 minutes making sure it was correct and then dropped it into place! but WHHHHYYYY do you have the socket upside down! It is killing me a little inside right now!

Here is a little close up of the CPU in situe! It is one big CPU and one big socket!

Here is a little closeup of the Asus Sabertooth! I absolutely love this motherboard! It is strong as heck but they have got these little dust covers! It is a really great though as as it cleans the look of the motherboard so much! I have the Z87 version of the Asus Sabertooth motherboard and I really only had one choice for my X99 motherboard. The thing is an absolute tank!

A quick closeup of top thermal armour!

ARGGGGHHHHHHHHH! This upside down socket is killing me!

Another little closeup of the CPU in its socket!

Here is the 8 pin EPS and the 4 pin EPS in the background! After a little researching I was able to find out that I can use both so the cabling of is going to be looking awesome! However, if anyone has anymore information other than just me making it look pretty I would be interested to know!

The good old X99 plate to show off the Sabertooth board!

Another tasty little closeup of the dust defenders on the internals of the motherboard, however I do wish they made enough for all the ports/ pins on the motherboard as there isnt enough for all of them!

Some more shots of the dust defenders, just the externals of it! These things are so strong. I think that they actually need to make the sound dust defenders a little less rigid! They are really difficult to get them out of the ports!

The back of this looks so sexy!

Here are the dust defenders for the PCI-E Sockets. Again these things are great! My previous build got filled with dust because of negative airflow and these saved the extra PCI-E sockets because I can pretty much garuntee that it would have killed them! There was a serious amount of dust!

Yes, this truly is the Ultimate force!

Thanks for checking out me putting the processor in the motherboard and doing an overview of the CPU socket and motherboard! I am really really happy with this motherboard! I cannot wait until it is in use because it has a tonne of features! Also, my last overclock on my 4770k was awesome and I can put that down to an awesome CPU but also a brilliantly made motherboard!

Well this is TPK out again! It is Friday night and it is beer o'clock! Stay tuned for more updates for this as I have some stuff in the works for this weekend! The case might even make an appearance if the weather is as forecast tomorrow!

Thanks for checking out my build log and make sure you get involved! I am interested to know of your thoughts on the build so far!

TPK Awwwwwaaayyyyy!
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