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Hello all and welcome to update number two. Unfortunately no one guessed what the picture was so the 980ti which was the prize will just have to be given away another time... There isn't really a give away!

None the less it is update time for you all! The picture was of the EK titan block which are going onto the GTX 980ti's!

I think that EK has updated their packaging since last time I got their parts. The boxes do look pretty swanky! However the block boxes do weigh more than you might expect!

I had the choice between going for black blocks and the plexi ones and I could help but choose the stealthy look, these blocks just look amazing! and also, they have Titan X on the blocks so I can make out that I have got two Titan X's

Had to take the sexy close up of the engraving job they have done onto the inside of the block. It is so shiny! the amount of times I needed to clean this was annoying though! It is a complete finger print magnet, especially when I split my mountain dew and had to touch it with my Dorito encrusted hands.

Another close up, but this time the full picture of the one, none of you could guess... If only someone had guessed, they would be a 980ti better off now... There isnt really a giveaway, who would just give away a 980ti! If I had another one I would put them in three way SLI!!

"Dont look at me! I am naked!"

A nice closeup of the GM200 core powering this monster of a graphics card!

Catching the rays, side by side... Naked

Not the best technique but we got there in the end! Got the blocks onto the GPU's and everything was looking sweet!

Backplates are on and installed onto the cards, however they dont seam to have used the same metal as last time, these seam a little sticky to the touch and real finger print magnets. The other issue is, I had to really scrub to get my finger prints off the cards as they were almost imprinted in!

The cards looking skinny!

A little close up on the power delivery!

Another close up on the GPU's

Now I wanted to do a little mod to the SLI bridge, It was very easy actually! I thought I would be taking things apart! But hope I have done you proud Jay!

It may not look as blue here but in person it looks spot on with what I was going for! Very happy with the colour!

Well guys, that concludes another build log update... I hope you have enjoyed so far! Make sure that you subscribe to the thread and most of all, get involved! You might win an imaginary GTX 980ti! Til the next time!

TPK awayyyyyy

EDIT: God damn this blue background!
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