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Originally Posted by Macroman595 View Post
I've been using Razer hardware for a number of months now. Had the Razer Naga Hex in red and the razer lycosa.

Hex was very good, the 6 buttons in a circular fashion would be useful in shooters for swapping weapons.

The Lycosa was alright but the rubber keys and plastic finish did not do it justice.

Currently using the Razer Anansi (mechanical Keyboard) and the Razer Naga 2012.

Anansi is responsive and well built. Comfortable to use.

Razer Naga 2012 has the number pad 1 - 12 on the side and additional buttons below the mouse wheel. I find this very handy and comfortable to use If you are an MMO gamer. Comes with an interchangeable rest to adjust your palm grip.
Just so you know, the Anansi isn't actually mechanical dude.
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