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Originally Posted by Bartacus View Post
It is possible. Easy is a matter of learning, and perspective. It's easy for any geek. The big question is whether it's worth the headache or not. Is it really worth it, testing for hours to figure out which cores boost higher than others? Not to me, but YMMV. I'm content to wait for more BIOS updates. Once they get the major bugs squashed, and AGESA code is stabilized, then I'll look more into OCing and tweaking. I see no point in doing that now, other than for fun.
I know there are ways to get it to work. I'd be trying to test this right now if I had Ryzen 3rd Gen hardware here. I'm just hearing that the process is a little tedius ATM.

What I mean is that I wish it was possible via the BIOS in the same way that it's possible on Intel platforms.
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