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Many good games in the last 10 years. But these are the ones that i consider timeless classics like Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights, Half-Life. Games that are so good that they can't be compared or gradated.

World of Warcraft Legion, and Battle for Azeroth.
- Even if you don't like playing multiplayer going through these expansions solo is pure joy. So many different stories to be told. And the sheer amount of content. Although sometimes repetitive it is beautiful.

Witcher 3
- Does it really need an explanation?

- Just a raw RPG experience. Proper old school RPG. The music, atmosphere, and the modding content. Every game should be like this.

Mass Effect 2 & 3
- Yes the end is pathetic but the story and the gameplay are a benchmark. There are a very few games with story this deep.

Star Craft 2 trilogy.
- For me the Star Craft series has been and is the definition of RTS.

Portal 2
- Brilliantly unique. Too bad we don't get more games from Valve. There are some really talented people there.
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