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I know most you around here are Windows users, therefore this will be useless and irrelevant to you, but there may be some Linux user who doesn't use Debian or Red Hat based systems, I for one, am one of these people, and the new V7 core only provides installers for DPKG- or RPM-based systems. The point of this rare event where I post something is just to get the V7 core working (to be honest, I wouldn't bother with the control client, it uses CPU power up, which could be used to get points ).

This does involve using the terminal, but if you aren't using dpkg or rpm for your package management, you probably aren't on one of the 'beginner' distros anyway .

Firstly, go to the [email protected] website, and download the .deb client, which will look like this:


Once downloaded, extract the data.tar.gz file out of it, the other files are not needed, then open the data.tar.gz file, where you will find a single directory called '.', open that and you will see etc and usr, which would normally correspond to the directories where they would be installed if installed it via dpkg.

Now is where you decide whether you are doing to run [email protected] as a daemon (good for 24/7 folding), or run from the terminal every time (good for monitoring progress).

To run it from the terminal, you can copy the file from the /./usr/bin/ directory in the data.tar.gz file to your /usr/bin/ directory by typing:

sudo mv /directory/to/FAH{Client,CoreWrapper} /usr/bin/

(where /directory/to is where you extracted the files to)

Now you should be able to open a terminal up and type FAHClient and it should start folding, but then you've not got your name, team-number (98860 of course), -bigadv &c. set.

To do this you can call FAHClient with the --configure flag:

FAHClient --configure

Then you can call FAHClient without any flags and it will start folding.

... but you still haven't told it that you want to do bigadv folding or whatever, to do this you need to open your favourite text editor up and edit the config.xml file it created, which will be in the same directory as where you have installed it (/usr/bin/). Here are some pages that tell you how to configure this file:



Do fold as a daemon, we need to copy (after doing the steps above) the FAHClient file from the /./etc/init.d/ direcotry in the data.tar.gz file to wherever daemon scripts are kept, which is either /etc/init.d or /etc/rc.d, depending on your distro:

sudo mv /directory/to/FAHClient /etc/rc.d

(cp will also work, but mv saves you deleting it afterwards)

If you were to call rc.d start FAHClient (or however daemons are started in your distro, Google is your friend) now, it would start folding, but the same issue would occur as before, being it doesn't know how you want it to be configured.

I hope you've kept your favourite text editor handy, we'll need it again.

Open the FAHClient file that has been copied into your /etc/rc.d or /etc/init.d directory with the editor and notice at line 19 how it says:


Just change it to CONFIG=/usr/bin/config.xml

If you find that you aren't allowed to save it, because you don't have permissions, just go back to your trusty terminal and type:

sudo YOUR_FAV_EDITOR /etc/rc.d/FAHClient

but adjust it to fit your needs, and all should be well.

Now if you call the FAHClient daemon, it should be working with your configuration, so now would be a good time to add it to your /etc/rc.conf or whatever and make the thing start at startup.

You should have a working V7 client on your non-DPKG/RPM-based Linux machine.
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