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Good move on that UPS Dice! People fail to realize how valuable those things are, especially in places with flaky old wiring.

Got some new toys recently myself:

Optimus signature water block for AM4, with black mounting plate, nickel plating. Feels like serious hardware:

Micro fins are micro:

The thermal paste in the first pic is Kingpin KPx (never tried it before, heard great things). RAM is G.Skill TridentZ Neo 16GB x 2, the good 3600 CL16/16/16/36 stuff.
Guts: ThreadRipper 2950X / GB Aorus Xtreme X399 / 64GB TridentZ Royal 3600CL16 / Zotac GTX 1080Ti x2 / EVGA 1000W PSU
Storage: 6TB RAID0 NVME array (ADATA SX8200 Pro 2TB x 3)
Water Cooling: HeatKiller TR4-Pro CPU block / HeatKiller IV GPU blocks / 360mm Darskide LP360 rads x 3 / Heatkiller reservoir

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