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Old 06-02-21, 04:36 PM
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I have SATA drives I plan on decommissioning / staying with the the carcass of the current PC
I basically want to use 2 PCIe4 16 at X16 plus 1 PCIe 2 X8 (along with additional lanes for at least 1 * M.2 at 4*4). And I can't find a board that will do that.

Its the same as wanting two graphics cards effectively.

Just to repeat
1 * 3080 PCIe 4*16
1 * Asus M.2 Card in bifurcation slot PCIe 4*16
Either 10Gb on the board or preferably 1 * PCIe2 * 8 slot for a 10Gb SFP+ card so I can use my fibre

Either I am being dumb or these don't exist
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