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Originally Posted by name='Mr. Smith'
Correctamundo! Go into the bios and see what it is set at, you will most likely need to change mem timings to manual, then make the changes...

As for 3dm06 runs, it's hard to say against your comparison - maybe he had much faster ram (although 1066 is pretty fast for ddr2). Vista can be a hog, perhaps the other user optimised his OS, closed down all the background programs, maybe even upped his pci-e frequency to 120mhz... Too many variables but you should hit very similar scores.

You using the free demo 3dm06? If your not check you dont have any AA/AF turned on, maybe even check in nvidia manager that AA/AF is forced on.

Besides, you should just OC and get a nice score, we have similar setups and I'm close to 16K!
..........you the man! lol

Cheers Mr. Smith - thats exactly what I wanted to hear! I haven't got any extra cooling yet, just stock everything, but will probably go water cooling or get some top end fan's in there in the new year... I've heard that the Q6600 is OC'able even with the stock cooler, so I might look into that for the time being...

I shall tweak and twiddle this evening, and see what goodness I can get from my setup, but you are totally right now that I think about it, there are a lot of things he could have done over my system just in the OS itself, to free up extra mem etc.

Top banana!
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