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I've used both pro/gamer cards over the years in a range of systems from dual CPU AMD to multi-CPU/core Zeon stuff.
I've had just as many issues in 3D/video editing/2D editing apps with the OC'd consumer level stuff, as I have with the 'reliable' professional stuff that cost loads more money.

Actually I'd say the fancy stuff was often more problematic and/or slower... great if/when you do use that specific feature, but I'm guessing as a generalist then those slight optimisations here and there can become irrelevant over months of working and using good planning/workflow strategies.

If you're freelancing for example, and have rendering to do, set up a separate render box so you can work while rendering. Having an i5 vs i7 is irrelevant if the machine is dead while you wait hours for rendering and can't work properly on it.

But I'd err away from AMD/ATI consumer level graphics cards as they often are not as well specified for other API's vs Nvidia.
Ie, the OGL coverage, and GLSL coverage seem limited in many ATI drivers it seems.

CPU I'm not sure it matters so much though. AMD or Intel probably don't make a huge difference. Just check benchmarks for the kinda jobs you'll do I suppose.

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