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Originally Posted by rzthrun View Post
That is huge. I spend alot of time waiting around for renders - the lost productivity of 5x longer wait would eat any financial savings in no time.*
If I recall, my reasoning (or justification) for going with the v5900 vs v7900 was that the difference in Maya benchmarks btw the two wasn't very great (and my budget was at its limit)
The difference should be (depending on the scene) in the range of 5-20%, but most of the time in the lesser region. How much you can gain depends on the budget you are willing to spend. (The optimization of some of the Quadros is really huge)
I hope your main question (gaming vs prof. cards) is solved

Originally Posted by rzthrun View Post
*batch rendering in maya does not seem to tie up the whole machine the way a "render-view" render in does. Just an anecdotal observation I made recently. Need to look into this (less someone already has)
Do you mean that it does not use all ressources it can (like CPU cores). If so: turn of "Auto render threads" and set your own limit.

Originally Posted by NeverBackDown View Post
Funny. Different site, same Benchmarks.
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