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9900KS Worth it?

Heya guys,

So I watched this video below today and it really caught my eye and interest...

I am currently running an 3700X an since watching the video, I'm quite really considering the 9900KS. Mostly because of the thermal part of the video, the fact that the 9900KS ran 15,5 degrees cooler than the 9900K and only slightly above 1 volt.

I have used Intel for the past years and I am a bit more comfortable with their BIOS etc, than I am with AMD and Ryzen. And looking at my current 3700X in HWMonitor, the VCore is at an average 1,4-1,450V. Which is very high.

I've unfortunately read online that AMD hasn't quite dealt with the high voltages in their AGESA updates yet, hence the overall high voltages.

I am also soon going either the Dan A4 SFX or NCASE M1 route, and again after watching the video and the thermal difference, especially considering voltages etc, I am considering getting an 9900KS. Especially since I already have an ASUS ROG Z390-I Strix motherboard.

So what do you guys think about all of this? Am I entirely crazy thinking here or is there something to my thinking?... Please keeping in mind that I am not that into the whole voltages, AGESA/BIOS revisions etc. My biggest concern is thermal and keeping it as cool as possible, due to the compact chassis of my choosing.

Thanks everyone,
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