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No real CPU updates in 2014- No real reason?

I'm wondering what people think of the CPU release forecast for the next year. On the desktop, Intel only plan minor Haswell refreshes(Presumably just clock bumps and bug fixes) on LGA(Skipping Broadwell in Sockets, with even the mobile version delayed until late 2014 due to 14nm problems), so there probably won't be a real CPU upgrade from Intel until mid-late 2015.

From current roadmaps, AMD also have no new FX series planned(They've shown they still have new designs ready, with Steamroller coming in APU's and Excavator floating around in die shot form), but presumably producing, shipping and designing several new APU's and SoCs, from rapidly selling games consoles to desktop parts has left little time for more with such a small company.

So the future looks sparse, but do AMD/Intel actually see much reason to keep pumping into top end CPU parts?
With Intel mostly maintaining an overall lead in performance, they surely see little reason to push forward. But at the same time, AMD have been moving to focus more on gaming, and since an FX8350 has been seeing big performance increases just from software changes in modern games on Windows 8(Admittedly, even with patches Windows 7 is still pretty slow on modern AMD hardware), for example in Crysis 3 where it trades blows with the vastly more expensive i7(Which actually does see a performance increase over the i5 due to C3's 8 thread support), and to a new extreme where a £110 FX8320 UNDERCLOCKED TO 2Ghz(So presumably also a £60 Athlon X4 750K at stock) now performs as well as a top end i7 in MANTLE based games, while being vastly cheaper, I presume AMD also see little reason into putting more money into upgrading there CPUs(Lets face it, they'd be much better off putting it into marketing so people actually know a lot of this stuff).
With HSA(Currently AMD only, but little reason why Intel wouldn't jump on board in the future) and OpenCL(Which Intel and AMD are both big on) seeing such big performance improvements over traditional x86-64, both companies putting more die area into GPU space on their APUs(Whether Intel like to call their processors that or not), and x86 CPU performance increases wanning, does the high performance x86 CPU market still have much life left in it?
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