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MangaPC my re-entry into desktop PC gaming

So I finally decided to build another desktop PC after selling all of my old parts to get a gaming laptop last year, as I wanted to have something to play games on and also do college work on (I study computer games development), so I bought some parts online and ended up with this at first:

But then I decided that I wanted to get a better case and ended up buying myself a nice second hand(ish) corsair air 540

so after it arrived I took it out of the box

So obviously I set about putting the parts inside the case. I don't have pics of the process of putting the parts in the case, so I only have finished pics just now. Here's the back side:

And here's the front side:

Specs are:
  • CPU - i7 920 D0 currently at stock due to the cooler
  • Motherboard - EVGA x58 SLI3
  • RAM - 6GB OCZ Reaper 1866mhz
  • GPU - Zotac reference GTX 570
  • PSU - BeQuiet! 630w modular
  • Hard drive - Just a generic 7200rpm 500gb HDD just now (this will be upgraded)

Yes I do have a Blu-ray drive, I'm gonna leave it in at first in order to decide if I want to keep it in or not.

What I plan to do:
  • Add at least another 570 or upgrade the graphics to a better single card
  • Watercool the CPU
  • Watercool the graphics card(s)
  • Replace the HDD with all SSDs as I crave silence

I plan on having two rads in the watercooling loop, one being a 360mm and the other one being a 280mm/240mm rad.

I also plan on running the CPU and graphics card(s) in parallel with each other, as in my mind I can create a cleaner loop this way.

The colour scheme for this build will probably either be black and orange or black and purple.

I've still to think of ideas as to how I'll incorporate an anime/manga theme into the project, but I really want to do it somehow.
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