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Did go a bit over budget, but I managed to squeeze in an i7, 60GB SSD and 16GB RAM.

To shave some money off you could:
- Replace the 4770k with an i5 4670k.
- Get 8GB RAM instead of 16. Probably won't need 16GB anytime soon anyway.
- Get a smaller PSU. Something by Seasonic or XFX or a lower-end Corsair will work fine

The reason I picked the i7 and the RAM is because you mentioned ocassional video editing and with the next gen consoles, we might see games use more than 4 cores in the future. Hyperthreading will help out in both scenarios.

Picked the SSD cause any high-end system needs one. Even if you only put your OS on it you'll see a massive speed increase of your machine. You can use the rest of the 60GB for a few apps like Skype and Steam (store the Steam games on the Hard Drive though)

It's also colour-co-ordinated pretty well
Let me know what you think!

Edit; Just noticed the RAM is CL10, try replacing it with a CL9 kit if you can.

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