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Originally Posted by Gamepro105 View Post
Nice build! how did you mod those H60's?
With great difficulty bud, back when i decided to do them there were next to no GPU closed loop brackets around and only found the Arctic cooling one which didn't suit my build.

I don't want to post the forum which i read up on how to do it as its OC3D's competition i should imagine... (just type *insert brand here* GPU Modders club, into google)

I used double zip ties, which,... when i tightened them each time and looked flush with the GPU chip, i found were not when i put the cards in and ran valley.

I did a card at a time, which was a nightmare as i had to move the whole card and closed loop in/out of the machine each time i made adjustments. Reason i had to make so many was that despite the blocks looking spot on, i found the temp shot up above 100c as soon as i ran a benchmark... so i had to tighten them more and more on each corner ( so it had equal pressure ). More often than not, it resulted in them snapping. Eventually through trial and error it worked... my temps are now lovely.

However it took best part of 4-5 hours, seriously.

NZXT just recently launched a GPU/Closed loop bracket so check that out... as for me, it wont fit square blocks so im waiting ( with confidence ) until Corsair do one for theirs.

For me see, it gets the same temps as a custom loop would, for a fraction of the cost.

oh and, make sure you buy Vram heat sinks for all the memory chips and mosfets etc

Glad you like the mod, thanks
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