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Briggsy 29-03-12 09:57 PM

Hi All,

I recently posted in this forum regarding my old GPU (gtx 580) not being able to handle running 2560x1440 at ultra settings, so I went out and brought a 7970 OC mainly due to the advice that I needed the higher vram to run the higher res.

So now I'm seeking more advice as I'm still not completely satisfied. http://forum.overclock3d.net/images/...cons/smile.png

I'm now running 2560x1440 on a samsung S27850D with a Sapphire 7970 OC with wow settings to ultra - I have my card clocked at 1000Mhz core and 1700Mhz memory clock and after some monitoring my game is using around 1.5gb of memory on the card.

I'm still dropping frames when I didn't except to, if I take a flight path through the forest I drop frame to 40fps and the game becomes very un-smooth, when I'm raiding I'm dropping frames again to around 40fps - I would say it's running better with the new card but I was excepting better considering I had the more vram and the clocks are set high......this is wow guys surely I should be doing better?

Help can anyone pass on tips to get more out of my card? I'm only using half my vram, why? I don't want to turn down settings - I honestly thought with the power I have this should be enough to run 60fps 100%

Any advise is greatly appreciated

Coxey 29-03-12 10:40 PM

My answer is less related to the GPU and more related to your game setup.

Do you have any addons, if so do you have any addons that scan an area. (haven't played for a while, but for example some scan for the opposite faction when in certain places, which can cause tremendous frame drops)

If you are running addons, just trying turning EVERYTHING off.

That's my say on the game related side.

Whether it's the GPU's drivers or a genuine bottleneck, I have no idea, I'll leave someone else to be the judge of that.

Edit: Theoretically that card should be enough to smash wow @ fps right? My 5770 manages Ultra (1080p res) and I get the similar FPS. (Ok yes I know lower resolution, but come on.. We're talking about low end vs enthusiast end.)

S_I_N 29-03-12 10:49 PM

its gotta be game related maybe it just doent like that huge of a resolution I'd say pump it down to 1080p and be done I play wow at 1080p and never have any issues with playability or fps at all.

jonnyfgm 30-03-12 11:05 AM

1700mhz on the memory seems a bit high to me, if you push GDDR5 RAM too high it will actually cause a performance decrease. Try dropping it back down to stock and see if this improves matters

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