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FarFarAway 12-04-06 01:31 PM

Revolution Controller Pictures
We have a couple of pics and some info courtesy of IGN

Click Here

JN 12-04-06 01:42 PM

I dont play consoles but i'm still looking forward to the launch just to see how it pans out. We should have a "Top of the crop or Flop" poll set up for it ;)

Raging 12-04-06 01:53 PM


i dont think it will do to well,but all the kids will definately want one;)


FragTek 12-04-06 02:06 PM

Another kiddie console, great for Mario and Mario-Kart, that's about it.

Possibly some RE action? Anywho, I think it will suck compared to the competition but it's bound to be priced accordingly which will make it much more appealing to the masses.

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