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intelmachine 11-05-20 09:41 PM

New case for i9 - 7960x plus rtx 2070
Hello ,

i want to upgrate my old case (problem with power on button) so I'm looking for good case with good air flow .I want to put asus x299 mark 1,inside 4x 3,5inch HDD + 1x2.5 inch SSD ,RTX 2070 and I9 -7960x.Also I don't wanna spend too much money (max 90-120 €).Now im using zalman z11 plus

What do you reccomend?

P.S Thank you all for your help

My PC:

Intel i9-7960x with cooler master MA610P
ASUS TUF x299 Mark 1
64 GB RAM - G.Skill TridentZ RGB Neo
1x480 GB Kingston A400
1xSamsung SSD NVMe 970 Pro
Asus Dual GeForce RTX 2070 Gaming Evo OC 8GB

Dark NighT 11-05-20 09:44 PM

Helps if you give a rough estimate about your budget, saying not wanting to spend to much doesn't really give a clear indication of price range.

AlienALX 11-05-20 10:09 PM

What case do you have? a new power button is about 3 euro.

You've also missed the most important part dude. What board do you have? MATX? ATX? EATX?

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