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torontojones 31-12-19 07:11 PM

Gigabyte Aorus TRX40 Xtreme - overclocking 3970x questions...
Wondering if some overclocking gurus with Gigabyte MB experience can help me out here. Finished my new 3970x workstation and am looking to manually input the overclock settings I'm seeing in Ryzen Master (4.25 GHz on all cores - max temp 75 degrees) but am lost when I get into the Gigabyte BIOS (it's terrible IMO).

Also, having to launch Ryzen Master everytime I want to use the OC settings isn't a viable option. Why wouldn't AMD give users the option to auto-launch Ryzen Master at startup and apply the OC? I get it... overclocking voids the warranty! Someone at AMD has to make this a much better and more permanent overclocking solution.

Anyway... thanks for any help in advance.

AlienALX 01-01-20 12:37 AM

The bios isn't terrible, it's just hella complicated as most HEDT boards are. Sheesh, you should see the X99 Godlike bios....

Usually you just set the multi and volts. I've not used my TR yet but that is usually how it goes.

tinytomlogan 01-01-20 12:36 PM

Id honestly work on the BIOS - its really not that bad tbh. If youve used other BIOS youll be able to work it out.

Just make sure you get the load line calibration set so you dont get vdroop OR much v-boost

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