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grec 28-07-19 05:24 PM

Budget rebuild (PSU+AM4 Mobo advice)
Can anyone recommend what's good out there for PSU's nowadays? Looking for an ATX ~500-600W in the ~30-60 price range, don't need modularity or anything like that.

Also any decent kinda-value mATX AM4 boards? Besides M.2 support there aren't many features I'd need, OCing capability is preferred but not putting much of a premium on it with these these parts and probably won't go beyond a 6-core in it, so even a decent A board would probably do alright, just something that won't fry itself basically. Will probably go 2nd hand with this one so not looking too specifically, even just good brands if some companies are consistent across the range. (I do have an ATX case about I wouldn't hate using if those boards were a lot better here but I'd rather stick with this smaller case)

AlienALX 28-07-19 07:45 PM

MSI did a couple of decent MATX boards iirc. Arctic? And Mortar? B350 IIRC. One was white and blue etc and I've was black.

Hmm bit dear. What's your budget dude?


Oh hang on...


Cheaper and has vrm cooling. Only 20 series I've found with any cooling for the vrm whatsoever


Obs make sure it supports the CPU you're wanting to use first :)

grec 29-07-19 01:26 PM

Yeah would prefer something with 3rd gen support but given you can find 70 1600's on ebay nowadays that's probably not what I'll be dropping in with this quick rebuild. Was looking to spend 50-90 on the board but I've seen some good 2nd hand deals with boards much cheaper than new so with the olders ones I could maybe find something worth over 100 new. I can find that 110 MSI B350M board online for about half the price but it's seller refurb from Spanish vendors, would be a pain if I had to send it back.

That ASrock A320M board seems to have 3rd gen updates though and everything I need, very temping at that price new, seems well made enough but I'm not sure if that level of faulty complaints is normal on Amazon nowadays. I've seen some TUF boards (B350M & B450M) quite cheap(~80) open box or whatever, are Asus still a strong option here? I remember for AM3+ boards they were the only ones making much worthwhile. I'd been using one of their later AM3+ boards in this build for a while and it's not bad but it always seemed a little spotty compared to the Asus piece it had in before it.

Wraith 29-07-19 01:42 PM

Don't go cheap on the PSU you'll regret it also its our #1 rule, for value and peace of mind look into the EVGA G series line up. My 750w was only 65 from Amazon. Sadly the price of PSUs seems to be on the rise.

grec 29-07-19 01:45 PM

Yeah things do seem more expensive in that area now than what I remember, looks like I'll have to go a little higher. What about something like this though? I've usually gone with SeaSonics barebones stuff before assuming they're still more or less the main OEM for other top lines?

AlienALX 29-07-19 03:00 PM

That would be ample tbh.

I will vouch for Asrock as I've had loads of their boards when I was less fortunate than I am now and providing you didn't rag on the VRM they were great.

grec 26-04-20 12:56 PM

Finally getting round to the CPU and motherboard side of things. CCL are listing the 1600AF's separately. Looking for a cheaper upgrade now with a view to adding a 2TB M.2 SSD in the mid term and probably a Ryzen 4600 or 4700 around the end of the year. Everything look alright here?


tinytomlogan 26-04-20 01:40 PM

Really wouldnt buy anything right now with the new Ryzen 3's just about to land.

WYP 26-04-20 01:48 PM


Originally Posted by tinytomlogan (Post 1019292)
Really wouldnt buy anything right now with the new Ryzen 3's just about to land.

I second this, I'd wait for B550 and the new Ryzen 3s. It could lower the price of the Ryzen 5 1600 or the prices of B450.

AlienALX 26-04-20 02:02 PM

Be careful. One on CCL says 1600, the other one (exactly the same price) says "New to CCL" and is the 12nm AF.

So it's basically a 2600. Only one specifies that it's 12nm from the look of it.

This is the one that states 12nm


edit. Looked at the CCL code, seems you're on the right track :)

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