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Tolemac 14-05-15 11:25 AM

Blizzard bans 100,000 wow accounts for "botting"
Blizzard has banned 100,00 world of warcraft account for using Bots and add-ons
Blizzard commented that they wanted an equal and fair playing field for everyone in world of warcraft


Damien c 14-05-15 12:08 PM


Originally Posted by NeverBackDown (Post 841975)
AMD 300 series launch! Or whatever they will call it!

Not confirmed date, but we already know it will be before end of June(according to Lisa T. Su CEO of AMD) so these rumors appear to be pretty valid.

Previous rumor was launch at Computex, but seems to have changed to E3. E3 is June 16-18, but the reveal is rumored to be June 18. June 18th is the first ever PC Gaming Event at E3, which AMD is a sponser of. So it's fitting to reveal their newest cards on such a grand day for the us PC gamers! June 18th is rumored to be the reveal/launch of the R9 380, R9 370 and R7 360 graphics cards series. On June 18th, they will be available online for everyone. June 24th however, the flagship products – the AMD Radeon R9 390-series will be available online along with a reveal. The Fiji, or R9 390 series, is rumored for GCN 1.3, 4096 cores, 4/8GB of HBM memory(4 for 390, 8 for 390x) and a 1024bit I/O data bus and a ridiculous 640GB/s bandwidth limit. As for the other cards, rumors are they are rebrands but they have all been tweaked and improved upon. Some rumors suggest a tweak to GCN 1.2/1.3 so they can all support freesync and other technologies AMD currently have.

Sources: Source 1
Source 2

It would be interesting to see what the 380 etc perform like but apparently they are just rebranded cards from the 200 series which were rebrands of the 7000 series.

Quite disappointing that what was the 7000 series cards seem to be getting rebranded each year and released as new cards, although Nvidia do the same but seriously it's getting kind of annoying now.


Pogal_31 15-05-15 01:09 PM

Gigabyte to go green again
Gigabyte announced a new mobo for all the Nvidia's "screaming for green again" boyz.

Based on the 1150 socket and Z97 chipset, the brand new Z97X-Game Plus features a black and green theme, and everything you can expect from such a board, at a price of around 150$.


Warchild 15-05-15 01:10 PM

The Blues king of kings is gone.

The thrill is gone.

Mr B.B king has passed away, age 89 :(

Tolemac 15-05-15 01:41 PM


Originally Posted by warchild (Post 842510)
the blues king of kings is gone.

The thrill is gone.

Mr b.b king has passed away, age 89 :(

:( rip

MrKambo 17-05-15 08:16 AM

Witcher 3 4K Ultra Settings Video

ShaunB-91 18-05-15 02:43 PM

Doom gameplay teaser reveal.

Dicehunter 18-05-15 02:59 PM


Originally Posted by ShaunB-91 (Post 843103)
Doom gameplay teaser reveal.

I just made a little sex wee.

Thelosouvlakia 18-05-15 06:20 PM

Expect a windows 10 downloader with the next patch Tuesday ;)

NoobCase 19-05-15 08:54 PM

Titan X owners get The Witcher III free
Good news for Titan X owners. No matter which retailer you bought your Titan X from, and even if the card isn't technically included amongst the card that comes with the current game bundle, Nvidia has decided to grant Titan X owners a copy of The Witcher III.

Just redeemed the game my self to confirm and it is working.

If you don't get the reward pop up. Just uninstall Geforce Experience and install it again and it should pop up. Then simply follow the instructions to have the game added to your GOG.com account.

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