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War Machine 01-10-17 01:33 PM

Finally Cured One Part of My OCD
Hi all,

Just thought i would share my setup in my bedroom this maybe the wrong area but i does have a computer.

This goes back to about 12 months ago when i built my HTPC but i didn't really have the room for it but i manage to make it fit but it was really untidy and it would drive my OCD up the wall.

So about 2-3 weeks ago i said bugger this i need to fix it cause i could put up with it any long the tidying up took me about 2 hours and 30 minutes to get done.

I'm really happy on how well it turn out, Let me know what you guys think.

Before Picture

After Picture

The longest part was trying to get all of the cables looking very neat and tidy, There is more that still needs to be done but it's only minor stuff and mostly for the computer itself, I added my old UPS to this setup cause it was only a four plug UPS and i needed outlets.

Thanks for having a look.

Excalabur50 02-10-17 01:15 AM

Much better and at least your right speaker isn't blocked anymore

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