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RyzenMaster 21-08-17 12:31 AM

Asus Crosshair VI 1501 Official Bios Update
Hey Everyone,

Asus has just released the 1501 bios update with Overclocking improvements as well as an update to the keybot FW. Get on over to the Asus support site and give it a go.

Based on my initial tests;

1. Auras bugs are pretty much gone, but you may have to reinstall the SW;

2. Ryzen Master utility has actual accurate reporting of temps and speeds;

3. Post time for the board is a bit quicker.

WYP 21-08-17 07:13 AM

I have seen reports of this bios, but sadly we do not have the usual patch notes from Elmor. (I think he is on vacation).

Hopefully we will know exactly what has changed soon, as the "overclocking" bit is super vague.

Bartacus 21-08-17 12:29 PM

When 1501 beta was first posted on OCN, Elmor said this:

New beta BIOS 1501

* Workaround for some CPUs stuck at 22x ratio if using override voltage
* Fixes PCIEX4 Bandwidth setting getting lost after power is removed
* Same DRAM boot behavior as 1403 (no cold boot fix)
* Same DRAM profiles as in 9920
* Still has the Vcore value issue when booting with Offset Mode and switching to Manual Mode

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