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tinytomlogan 27-03-14 01:31 PM

Win A Custom Corsair 760T

We bring you yet another epic custom prize competition and this time around you could get your hands on a one of Corsair 760T!


Give this a hot nudge: http://www.hotukdeals.com/competitio...boards-1864016


1st Prize - Luke Willan
2nd Prize - Michael Walklate
3rd Prize - Dylan Bowman
4th Prize - Mathew - aka RamboOC

Barnsley & Wraithguard you boys also need to drop me a PM ;)

remember300 27-03-14 01:36 PM

loving the custom cases tom and this is no exception :)

WillSK 27-03-14 01:43 PM

My fingers will be exceptionally tightly crossed for this one! Thanks as always TTL

Good luck all

RizeAllard 27-03-14 01:45 PM

This is a nice giveaway again:) I like this OC3D theme Corsair 760T. You allways do a perfect mod.

SieB 27-03-14 01:49 PM

Some very nice prizes, although i'm worried what might be in TTL's goodie bag of dreams :D

barnsley 27-03-14 01:51 PM

hype hype hype

Entered :D

Spiderz 27-03-14 02:14 PM

Will I be online? Bit of a daft question TTL :D Thanks again, like the looks of the customised 760T much more than the standard one.

Entered and waiting

Kerozen 27-03-14 02:24 PM

It looks awesome!

I will try and be online when the competition closes.

Good luck everyone

Takaikioi 27-03-14 02:31 PM

This case looks sweet. I really like the custom appearance. Absolutely gorgeous work TTL.

LiquidAtoR 27-03-14 02:34 PM

Entered as well.
Thanks for yet another awsome custom case giveaway.

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