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QuietOne 18-12-13 07:15 PM

Thanks guys, can you recommend a good mouse mat/pad? May as well change that to go with the new mouse.

yassarikhan786 18-12-13 07:24 PM

I'm using a Razer Goliathus (Extended), which is more of a keyboard + mouse mat as it is freaking huge. There are 2 different versions as far as I know - Speed and Control. I have the "Speed" edition. I don't really know what the differences are between the two.

Drakkonen 18-12-13 07:25 PM

Can't go wrong with a Steelseries QcK. They're cheap, last ages and perform as well as any other high end cloth mouse mat I've ever tried.

Jordan 18-12-13 07:31 PM

Anything from Puretrak is a guaranteed win, TTL uses one too, also the Coolermaster mats are very good, I'm using the Speed RX and it's great.

Edit: I remember Tom saying you can chuck the PureTrak mat's in the washing machine after even a few years and they come out like new :)

QuietOne 18-12-13 07:35 PM

Just looked at both, can't decide which. I'll see if there are any reviews.

I just watched TTL's review of the Puretrak one. It looks like a good size for my desk too.

wrenaudrey 18-12-13 09:06 PM

I have a PureTrak, it's amazing and HUUUUGE for my use anyway. And its freaking hard to find atm in the UK, unless im doing something wrong and unless you get PureTrak US to ship one to you.

Mathius 18-12-13 09:35 PM

How big is your desk? I saw my mates desk the other day, and his mouse mat is also huge.......the mouse mat is 1200mm x 600mm.

QuietOne 18-12-13 09:56 PM

My desk is 55" by 26" and I found some on Amazon for around 20

MicroAlex 18-12-13 10:35 PM

Personally I would recommend Func MS-3 if you have bigger hands. Really solid product.

Mathius 18-12-13 10:36 PM

An OCUK mousemat is 25

will basically fill your desk....so the whole worksurface is one giant mousemat :D

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