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Old 19-11-21, 10:35 AM
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Amazon's Best Black Friday SSD Deals

Grab them while they are hot!

Read more about Amazon UK's Black Friday best SSD deals.

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Old 19-11-21, 02:24 PM
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If you don't like what I post don't read it.
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Old 19-11-21, 02:45 PM
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Well mum needed a new phone her sony xperia M really shows it's age, the lack of space and general speed and battery life is by modern standards pretty poor.

I took a look at a fair few phones in the price range she was willing like all mums doesn't treat herself often at all.

After a good look and having decided 128gb and 5g while not rolled out fully was going to be the key things to look at, there really wasn't a whole lot of choice and i dare say the prices were generally the norm.

But after some looking decided on the oneplus nord 5g it only came out last year and while it said £100 discount it most likely was a normalish price tbh but even slightly lower end oneplus's were the same price so out of them bunch was the better deal.

really didn't seem worth shelling out the extra £50 for 4gb more ram and twice the storage since the phone is completely overkill for her use, but it should at least last pretty well.

so she got the blue one with the blue case and i have the fun of setting it all up for her as tech isn't her strong point lol

It's a decent phone thou and one i'd looked at myself until i got the iphone 13 mini at least it was discounted and was the best of the bunch even if the price isn't so different as it was thursday lol.
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Old 20-11-21, 12:02 PM
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I nabbed one of the Crucial P2 2TB M.2 PCIe 3.0 SSDs for £118.99.

Not a big saving, but its a great option for keeping a steam library on.
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Old 20-11-21, 05:07 PM
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For that price, it's still a steal... I remember when I purchased my then newly released Samsung 970 EVO 2TB. Man, that was expensive. 8 times more expensive than that Crucial drive of yours.
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