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Old 16-04-21, 12:38 PM
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ASUS updates its 500-series AM4 lineup to address AMD's "intermittent USB" issues

Expect increased USB stability with AMD's latest Ryzen processors.

Read more about ASUS' AGESA update for 500 series AM4 motherboards.

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Old 16-04-21, 02:42 PM
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Dang, marked as beta. I do have issues sometimes with USB devices randomly shutting off on the Crosshair 8 impact board. Unplugging and plugging them back in fix it and it doesn't happen frequently, but it's enough that it's annoying. I'll wait for a full release BIOS though.
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Old 16-04-21, 04:13 PM
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after i have disabled global c-states no issues here.

i am waiting for a non beta version.
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