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Old 14-01-21, 02:00 PM
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Corsair 5000 Series Cases Review

The newest additions to the Corsair case range are very flexible. We put them through their paces.

Read our review of Corsair's 5000X and 5000D cases.

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Old 15-01-21, 02:56 PM
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Immediate reaction? I ground my teeth.

One of either the right hand glass panel or the vanity door is redundant. Ditch the glass or use glass in the vanity door and make it a 3/4 side panel. The full sized metal door is very flexi. Thicker material or bitumen to stiffen it IF you are daft enough to want to keep the silly, half-arsed, configurations.

The thumb screw malarkey on the interior; awkward and probably redundant. Needs a better implementation.

The white versions for preference, the black just accentuates the e.

140mm fan option in front and rear please; this would also allow fan offset in the roof.

Glass in roof and in front; if you are not going to provide both alternative panels: no, just NO. (You could leave the front glass the same size with the xtra 20mm to the slots either side)

Yellow tab on the roof filter. Why?

Noisy. PSU should slot in from rear. Grommets.

One SKU to rule them all; the thinking here isn't as half-arsed as Thermaltacky; but it is on the way there. There are a lot of nice touches but I can see how this series could have been so much better.

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