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Old 05-01-21, 09:48 AM
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ASUS increases its MSRP pricing for motherboards and GPUs in the US

Is this a US-specific change, or a worldwide pricing alteration?

Read more about ASUS US increasing the MSRP pricing of its motherboards and graphics cards.

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Old 05-01-21, 10:30 AM
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This is due to America's tariff on goods assembled in China isn't it? GPUs now been dropped from the exclusion to it. This one:


Other companies that have also increased prices so far according to StockDrop:


But yeah, shouldn't apply to other countries, no logical reason it should do, but they might try it anyway.
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Old 05-01-21, 01:58 PM
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They could drop the ASUS tax. When that quasi-part of MSI retailer was found hiking prices folk lost their **** at MSI. ASUS routinely price gouge and scalp and no one blinks an eye.

If there really is greater demand and supply really is lagging, something I'm skeptical of, prices will inevitably rise to choke demand. I believe there is a whole academic discipline about this, called "Economics" or something like that. /s
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