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Old 12-10-20, 08:42 PM
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Halo 5 won't be coming to Halo: The Master Chief Collection on PC - 343 confirms

'sorry to crush your Halo 5 in MCC dreams'

Read more about Halo 5 not coming to The Master Chief Collection.

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Old 13-10-20, 02:56 AM
NeverBackDown NeverBackDown is offline
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Not a big loss honestly. This was the worst in the series so far. We already are getting the best of Halo in the MCC.

Though for the few who like it I'm sure it's disappointing. I never personally thought it would release with it.
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Old 13-10-20, 01:22 PM
Giggyolly Giggyolly is offline
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I guess I'll never play H5 then lmao.
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Old 13-10-20, 07:36 PM
Digikid Digikid is offline
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Disappointing. Halo 5 is a great game and should be included....after all it IS called the MASTER CHIEF COLLECTION and it belongs there. If anything ODST does NOT.
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Old 14-10-20, 06:23 AM
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That's a shame, I played a few hours of this on an XB1 and it was fun, Can't see it being difficult to port to PC, They must hate money
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Old 14-10-20, 08:31 AM
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Id only play it if the story was decent. Aside from that, H5 didnt look that impressive to me.
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Old 14-10-20, 09:28 AM
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To be honest, while the game wasn't anywhere near the best in the series, it just seems strange that we've now got every single Halo game made on PC except Halo 5.

I hope they'll release it standalone at some point just so the back catalogue can be complete in my library.
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