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Old 14-08-20, 08:36 AM
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Epic Games Sues Apple and Google after Fortnite gets kicked out of App Stores

Epic Games wants to break Apple's iOS monopoly.

Read more about Epic Games suing Google and Apple over monopolistic App/Play Store Policies.

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Old 14-08-20, 01:45 PM
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I very much doubt that epic will get anywhere with this in court, Apple are in and out of court on antitrust hearings as often as I go to the toilet and nothing has changed yet. Apple has a lot of money invested in "the right people" to make sure they can get what they want out of the American government.
On the other side of this Epic have start the #FREEFORTNITE movement and are trying to convince millions of kids that apple is ruining there game and stopping them from playing on their devices. This could have worse consequences for apple than losing this suit as I am sure they don't want an entire generation to stop buying apple products
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